Hello, you can call me Ozias Noctifer Laramie Algernon-Cainsblood, or just Ozias... maybe even Ozzie! I'm a black, young adult, trans man that lives in Indiana, and my pronouns are he/him. I've been a theistic Satanist since I was about 17. Before that, I was dabbling around with different occult paths such as Greek and Roman paganism, along with Wicca (ew). The whole time I considered myself agnostic. As a child, I was raised Greek Orthodox, and hated every second of hearing the droning priest talk in Koine Greek.

When I'm not working on various spiritual things, I like to write creatively, play casual video games such as Animal Crossing, read various books about whatever interests me, and talk to my friends (I'm a total chatterbox). Click HERE for a link to my messy Satanic sideblog on Tumblr. My ask box is always open to talk. If you have questions about Satanism, or you just want to talk, I'm all ears!

I don't know where to put this, but the reason I chose the color purple for my site is because it's my favorite color. Don't get it twisted!

Check back every once in a while for more.