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I'm Ozias! Ozias Noctifer Laramie Algernon-Cainsblood. Long name, I know. I'm just a black trans guy that's a dedicated theistic Satanist.

If you don't know what a theistic Satanist is, it just means that we believe in Satan and His Legion as our deity to worship and adore. We're different from atheistic Satanists, who often mock us for having faith. I'm by no means an expert about my faith! Simply, I'm just a novice Satanic witch with plenty of notes from his research, but I like to think I can help others in any way I can!

There's lots that a majority of people accuse us of - from sacrificing animals to killing children - and none of it is true. I hope to bring some truth to my misunderstood religion. Anyways, I hope you click around, find out something new, and learn more about how I practice Satanism!