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I have archived the following entries from my digital grimoire and from this Neocities for a good reason. I believe that unless a demon is universal (for example - Satan is essentially with the devil, or some form of supreme evil opposite to the good virtuous deity) or not present in core Christianity that they are CLOSED! I didn't want to offend the following demons by worshipping them when they have roots in ancient Judaism, or in some cases, Islam.

I am not Jewish nor do I plan to convert, and I'm not Muslim in any way. I was raised Greek Orthodox and I'm black (mixed race), so I understand what other minorities are coming from when they say that certain demons, spirits, folklore figures, deities, what have you are CLOSED!

However, I wanted to leave these pages up just in case there's any Jewish raised Satanists out there, or a convert who wants to know more. I am putting this up in good faith - if anybody leaves a comment complaining about "SJWs" or "reverse racism" or something stupid like that, they will immediately be removed, and everyone is punished.

Okay, with that off my chest, here's some links -